Alaskan Healing ready for re-release

I did it! Alaskan Healing is ready!

I managed to learn how to format my book (Alaskan Healing) for Amazon KDP, Createspace, Pubit, and Smashwords and have them all uploaded and ready to go before my self-imposed deadline. How awesome is that?

I received yet another proof copy today of the printed version. I made a couple tiny changes and I'm happy to let it "go to press." After that, I was confident I had all my grammatical mistakes fixed, and finally have the correct punctuation included. I'm happy with the formatting and the layout.

It looks like a really awesome book, and I owe a lot of that professional appearance to my cover designer, Lori Gnahn. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lori.

After I was completely happy with the Createspace version, I used that as the starting point for creating the other documents. There are little things that are different for each of the other epublishing sites I chose to use.

So, I saved a copy of my Createspace document, removed the headers (with page numbers, title, and author's name), removed some page breaks, made sure I had the proper Smashwords front matter included, and uploaded that to Smashwords. No errors! Woo-hoo. It's almost like I know what I'm doing.

Then I saved another version for Barnes and Noble's PubIt (for the nook). I removed the mention of Smashwords from the front matter, saved and uploaded. I previewed it on their site and again, no errors!

On to Kindle publishing. I used the nook version of my document, saved as html in Word, uploaded, and previewed. What was I so nervous about?

Now, I wait. Createspace can take up to 48 hours to approve the documents. Amazon, Smashwords, and PubIt all have their own reviews and other things to do before my book appears on their sites.

I have to admit, I was really excited when Alaskan Healing was first released in September 2009, but right now I have this weird feeling in my stomach and I'm practically giddy with excitement. Not because I think I'm going to make more money as an indie author, but because I did it by myself (with some guidance from experienced indie authors).

My sense of accomplishment is through the roof right now. I am so proud of myself. I better get my butt back to work so I can feel this way again in a couple months when another of my novels is ready and loaded everywhere.

Hey! Did I mention that Alaskan Healing is ready for its re-release?