Random Thoughts About Writing

Today, I'm just going to post some random thoughts about writing I've had lately. I've been pushing myself to finish this rough draft and it's a struggle. However, the 100 Day Challenge has been helping force me to write daily. Even if I don't do the prompt posted, I've been writing. And of course the BIW Challenge was a huge help this month. I only have a few more chapters to finish writing then I can announce that the rough draft is done. Random Thought #1: I see many similarities to my writing attitude and my 3.5 year old son's attitude.

Some examples:

  • He likes to yell for help, even though he doesn't need it. He just needs to do whatever it is. This is comparable to me spending hours online looking for the best way to do something. I don't have to do it the best way, I just have to do it.
  • He continually tells me, "It's hard," and pretends to cry when he's trying to build a "fort" in the living room. My response is usually, "Of course it's hard, but you're doing great. Just keep trying." Why can't I remember this when I want to whine and pout about how hard it is to string together 80 thousand words in a manner that makes sense?
  • He's indecisive about what he wants to eat. He requests one thing, I make it, and he declares, "I don't like it." That's just like me being excited about something I'm working on, but quickly changing my mind and wanting to work on something else, in the hope that the other project will be easier.

Random Thought #2: I should be more like my 22 month old daughter.


  • She's perfectly content to admit "I'm stuck" and she just keeps trying different things until she's unstuck.
  • Her big brother knocks her down when they're playing and she just bounces back up and goes back to her thing.
  • She goes with the flow when it interests her, otherwise, she's happy to do her own thing, even if it's not the way something is supposed to be done.

Random Thought #3: I should appreciate every second I have to enjoy my kids at this age and not worry so much about deadlines that I inflict upon myself. There will always be another story idea, another hour to write, another weekend where the kids are visiting Grandma and I can focus completely. My babies will only be this age for a little while.

Random Thought #4: I should quit blogging and get back to writing. :)

What random thoughts do you have about writing? Does your writing behavior ever remind you a toddler's behavior?