Poppy Cat

I have two small children, under the age of three (for another couple months). The eldest, The Mini, needs a pretty specific bedtime routine in order to go to bed peacefully. One part of his routine is to watch Sprout TV before bed. We normally watch two or three cartoons. His favorites are The Berenstain Bears and Thomas the Train (I bet that surprises anyone who knows my husband, huh?). My favorite is Poppy Cat. Poppy Cat is about the stories a little girl writes for her cat, Poppy. While the stories probably aren't written by a child, I think it's awesome that my kids watch a cartoon about writing stories.

The stories feature Poppy Cat and her friends; ZuZu, who I think is a dog; Mo, a mouse; Owl, an owl (go figure!); Alma, a rabbit who loves jewelry and the color pink; and Eggbert, a badger who is always causing trouble. My favorite is the little girl, who only appears at the beginning and end of the cartoon. She also narrates the cartoon.

I can only hope that my kids will love books (they do so far) and continue to be creative as they get older. As it is, The Micro (15 months old) loves her books. She'll carry them around, sit in her chair and look at them, or lay next to the dogs with her books and read to the dogs, babbling in her own language. When she wants us to read to her, she climbs into our laps, and sticks a book into our hand.

I should probably get started with a blog for her, and a website so she can start building an audience before her first book comes out.

How do you encourage creativity in your kids? Or if you don't have children, how do you encourage your own creativity?