November BIW: Fail

It's Saturday night, Day 6 of the November BIW challenge. I've written 29 pages. That means, in order to achieve my goal of 200 pages, I have to finish 171 pages by 7 am (my time) Monday morning. I have a whole list of reasons/excuses why I haven't accomplished more. It really comes down to the fact that I didn't apply myself. Monday, I got some done. Not a lot, but some. Tuesday, I wasted my writing time by staring at the television as the election results came in, like somehow me watching was going to affect the results.

I think the other problem is that I'm having a hard time getting into the project I'm working on. If I was really interested, I'd be avoiding everything so I can write more. Instead, I'm avoiding writing by doing everything else I can think of. For example: I cleaned the house this morning, and did laundry. That's certifiable behavior for BIW. Especially on the weekend, with a HUGE goal like mine.

Realistically, it's doubtful that I'll meet my goal. I've considered just giving up, but instead, I'm going to keep plodding along. I'll have a few hours tonight that I can write after the kids go to sleep. And my husband has tomorrow off from work.

Maybe he'll be nice and watch the kids so I can concentrate on writing all day long. I still don't think I'll meet my goal, but any writing is better than no writing. I think the most I've ever written in one day was about 16,000 words. That only comes out to about 64 pages.

And that was long before I had kids. And I was just writing to entertain myself. It was easier to write back then, before I was always thinking about publication. I struggle to find that happy writing spot within myself now.

I'm happy that people want to read my writing, but it affects how easy it is for me to create a rough draft when I start a new project. Now, I think about whether it'll be marketable, whether my current fans will like it or will they be upset if I write something different than what they've already read?

I know I've covered some of this before, and I know I'm repetitive.

The best advice I've received was from Darcia Helle. She told me, "Write more. Worry less."


I originally wrote this blogpost on my phone, while supervising bath time. Sadly, the blog post got lost somewhere so I had to rewrite it. (Another way I procrastinated instead of working on Mercy).