Update on Faceoff of the Heart

800x1280_Faceoff of th#1418I finished the first revision of Faceoff of the Heart during the first week of October. Writing some new scenes was part of my 100-page challenge for Book In a Week. There weren't a lot of surprises as I finished those scenes, but a few things turned out differently than I expected. Even with an outline, and notes galore, my characters still managed to change the story a little from what I originally thought it was.

I tried to force them to behave as I thought they should, but it just didn't ring true and I struggled to write the words in those scenes. Once I surrendered to Rhianna, Cam, and Luk, the words came easier.

People who don't write think writers create the stories they read, but honestly, I'm just the middle(wo)man who gets the story from the characters to the readers.

I took some time off over the weekend to redo my office and I'm currently working my way through the second revision of Faceoff of the Heart at my huge new desk.

As you can see there's now a cover for the book. Lori Gnahn captured the image in my mind perfectly and now I'm doing my best to make sure the story is good enough for such an awesome cover.

I'd love to hear what you think of the cover.