"The Look" blog challenge

Oh Darcia and Marty, I will get even with you both. Eventually. When you least expect it. ;) These two wonderful authors have both tagged me in "The Look" blog challenge. Thanks to them, you (my faithful followers) will get to experience something few people ever get to experience. You get to see part of the current manuscript I'm working on.

You can see what Marty and Darcia posted on their blogs for this challenge by following the links above.

The instructions are: The Look is a writing prompt, a game, another tagging event. This is how U Got “The Look” works: you take your current manuscript, search for the word “look”, and post the surrounding paragraphs. Lastly, you tag 5 blogging authors who you think will be a good choice for the game.

So without further ado, here are a few paragraphs from Faceoff of the Heart.

The announcer finished the Red Wing introductions and moved on to the opposing team's. Rhianna tuned him out until she heard, “Number seven, Cameron Walker, former Michigan State University Spartan returns to Detroit with the Devils.”

Rhianna jerked in surprise and almost jumped to her feet as the player skated onto the ice. Even if she had heard wrong, she would know him anywhere, just by the way he moved. He’d always had a fluid grace to him which was unexpected for someone so large. The row of women looked at her curiously and she forced herself to relax back into the seat, as she said, “I think he was in my chemistry class at MSU.”

Rhianna didn’t hear anything else the announcer said. What the hell was he doing here?

Her voice was calm, but her mind raced. She avoided meeting the gaze of the well-coiffed woman next to her, Teresa, who smiled.

Teresa leaned toward Rhianna and pointed one of her long, manicured fingernails. “I bet there was chemistry with a lot of hockey players.”

This is from the opening scene of Faceoff of the Heart, which is scheduled for release at the beginning of December, 2012.
And now, for my five victims, erm, I mean, fellow authors.