Goal: 100 pages in a week

It's time for BIW again. The time off flew by, and I considered skipping it this month, but I was so productive last month with the challenge that I decided to sign up. I committed to 100 pages in a week. That's a lot of writing, but how proud will I be if I achieve it? That's twice as many pages as I set my goal for last month. And thirty more pages than I achieved last month. And if I write the entire 100 pages for Pucked (I don't know why but that title seems to be sticking, at least in my mind. For now.), the draft will be completed, as long as the characters cooperate and don't change the story on me again.

I don't really have a plan, other than write like crazy. Again, I have an outline of what the characters are supposed to do. I'm kinda curious whether they'll follow the plan or send me off on some tangent.

I decided to do this Saturday night, so I spent the weekend telling myself, "You're nuts. You have two kids, you have an office to clean, you have a full-time job, you have plans for doing other things." Yet, I kept responding, "Oh pshaw. What's a hundred pages? No problem."

My secret weapon? A long car ride on Sunday. And by "long car ride" I mean around 6 hours in the car. No internet access. No kids. No games on my laptop. And a husband who doesn't like to be the passenger. Surely, I'll be able to finish everything I didn't finish during the rest of the week. And if I complete that goal, well...

I'll find something else to write. Or I'll catch up on my sleep.

That's 14.28 pages per day. What do you think? Is 100 pages in a week possible?

Now I'm contemplating NaNoWriMo. Really, that shouldn't be a problem, should it? If I can accomplish 100 pages in a week, I'd just have to work on my NaNoWriMo novel for two weeks (100 pages in a week times two). OR! I could write 2 NaNoWriMo novels 100 pages in a week times 4). Or one really long NaNoWriMo novel. Really, the possibilities for November are endless.

Entire 50,000 word rough draft in one week? Hmmm....