Cleaning house

If you've ever been to my house, you may have seen some antique steamer trunks in various places. (We actually only have two in use in this house, the others are in storage.) One of them is full of shoes and doubles as a bench in the entry way. The other day, I went through it and donated a bunch of shoes to Goodwill since the shoes no longer fit. The other trunk is hiding in the corner of the living room, behind the kids' toybox. In there are 15 years of accumulated scribbles. Notebooks, multiple revisions of various stories are in there. I'm not sure why I've kept them all this time, but I really like looking at my scribbled up pages.

Today, I reached my writing goal earlier than normal, so I decided it was time to start sorting that out.

So far, I've scanned four stories scribbled on notebook paper, one story that's 90 pages long (typed yet not saved in my backups), and a couple of pages of ideas I'd scribbled and never developed. My goal is to clean out the trunk, yet have everything I can't part with stored on CDs. That'll free up the Trunk O' Writing Junk" for other purposes.

What about you? Do you have boxes and boxes of paper that you can't bear to part with?