Teaser Tuesday 7

Due to a request, today's teaser is from the rough draft I've been working on.

As we went up the stairs to my apartment, the landlord’s door opened up. He stepped into the hallway. I tried to hide my disgust at his stretched thin undershirt he wore with his shiny black pants. Black hair curled around the neck hole and the arm holes, and there was a reddish-orange stain on the belly. It looked like spaghetti sauce had ran down his fat stomach. He hitched up his pants, covering the hairy bottom of his stomach that had been revealed. 

“Rosie, do you have the rent?”

“Not today, Mr. Zim. I’m sorry.”

“I can’t let you stay here if you’re not going to pay.”

“I know. I’ll have it for you tomorrow.”


I paused with my foot on the first step up to the second floor. “Does it matter how I get the money?
As long as I pay the rent it’s really none of your concern.”

“I’m just trying to let you know that I’m willing to make an arrangement with you?”

I turned, ignoring Detective Bauer who’d stiffened next to me. “What kind of arrangement?” Perhaps Mr. Zim wasn’t as awful as I’d thought. Maybe he felt sorry for me and would give me a break on the rent.

“Why don’t you come talk to me after your friend leaves? We’ll discuss it then?” Mr. Zim smiled at me and winked as he ran his hand over his belly and down the front of his pants.