Teaser Tuesday 3

Here you go...

As I stretched out in the bed, I knew that if he survived, he’d be determined to exact revenge. I wouldn’t be able to leave this building unless I was in disguise for the rest of his life. 

I could leave town, but I knew that he would spend the remainder of his life hunting me. 
And his screams would haunt me for the rest of mine.

So by now, you probably noticed that the teasers I've been posting aren't much like what I normally write. Some of my readers won't like this story, or this subject matter. And that's okay. I don't write to please anyone other than myself. :)

You've also noticed that I'm writing this book in first person, as if the main character is actually telling the story. This is also not normal for me. 

I am having fun. And if the fun continues, I may write more stories like this one. :)