Teaser Tuesday 7

Due to a request, today's teaser is from the rough draft I've been working on.

As we went up the stairs to my apartment, the landlord’s door opened up. He stepped into the hallway. I tried to hide my disgust at his stretched thin undershirt he wore with his shiny black pants. Black hair curled around the neck hole and the arm holes, and there was a reddish-orange stain on the belly. It looked like spaghetti sauce had ran down his fat stomach. He hitched up his pants, covering the hairy bottom of his stomach that had been revealed. 

“Rosie, do you have the rent?”

“Not today, Mr. Zim. I’m sorry.”

“I can’t let you stay here if you’re not going to pay.”

“I know. I’ll have it for you tomorrow.”


I paused with my foot on the first step up to the second floor. “Does it matter how I get the money?
As long as I pay the rent it’s really none of your concern.”

“I’m just trying to let you know that I’m willing to make an arrangement with you?”

I turned, ignoring Detective Bauer who’d stiffened next to me. “What kind of arrangement?” Perhaps Mr. Zim wasn’t as awful as I’d thought. Maybe he felt sorry for me and would give me a break on the rent.

“Why don’t you come talk to me after your friend leaves? We’ll discuss it then?” Mr. Zim smiled at me and winked as he ran his hand over his belly and down the front of his pants. 

Story Prompt Saturday - broken down car

I'm trying something new. I'm going to write around 500 words based on a story prompt each week. This week's prompt was "broken down car."

“Unfreakingbelievable,” Mary muttered as her car died on a gravel road. “Of course my car dies on a deserted road, in the middle of the night.” She sat in the car for a few minutes, trying to decide what to do. She’d left her parents’ new house ten minutes ago. She checked her cell phone—no signal. Of course.

“Screw it. I’m not spending the night here.” She got out of the car and slammed the door. It might take a while, but she’d walk back to her parents’ house. She’d grown up in the middle of nowhere. A walk after dark wasn’t a big deal. 

The northern lights flickered and spun in the sky over Lake Superior. She spun around at the sound of something in the woods. “Just a squirrel. Nothing to worry about.” She locked her car and set off. When she came to the right corner in the road, she paused. Her parents’ house was probably only a quarter mile if she followed the trail straight ahead. But if she followed the gravel road, it’d be another two miles. 

She stepped off the gravel road and followed the trail into the woods. 

A stick broke in the woods to her left, and she paused mid-stride. “Lots of squirrels.” Off the road, on the narrow trail, it was too dark to see more than ten feet in front of her face. Leaves rustled near her. “Just a breeze,” she muttered, but she knew it wasn’t. There was no breeze here. It was hot and humid. Her clothes stuck to her.

Every noise evoked images in her mind. It wasn't a deer walking through the woods; it was a psycho with an ax. The creaking wasn't treetops shifting in a breeze, it was someone stalking her.

Instead of the refreshing smell of nature, death and decay permeated her nostrils.
She wished she was still in her car. Or already back to her parents’ house.

“Stop it. You’re just going to scare yourself. You have more to worry about on a highway then you do walking through the woods.” She glanced over her shoulder, knowing she wouldn’t see anything. It was too dark. She looked at her phone. No signal, and the battery was at six percent.

“Just keep walking. You’re almost there.” She stumbled over a branch and cursed, struggling to catch her balance. 

She picked up her pace again. She knew it was stupid to jog in the woods, in the dark, but she wanted this stupid adventure to be over. She should have waited in her car until morning. 

Suddenly, she saw a light off to her left. “There’s their house. I made it,” she whispered to herself and turned toward the light. She couldn’t follow the trail anymore. But it was just a couple hundred yards. 

I'd love to hear what you think. Or if you have a story prompt you want me to use for next week, leave it in the comments! :)

Teaser Tuesday 6

This is another excerpt from Mitch's story (the novel I'm currently revising). Sorry it's late. I had a hard time getting started today.

She cranked the key again, listening to the click-click of the starter not engaging. “Piece of crap,” she muttered.
Suddenly, the windshield spider-webbed inches from her face. She jerked back, cracking her head against the rear window. Her heart pounded, and she fought back a scream as the end of a tire iron came through the windshield.

Her father’s face contorted. She couldn’t tell if it was a snarl or a smile, but she could tell he wasn’t about to let her sit safely in her truck until it started.

“Fuck,” she muttered. The iron hit the window again, and she clambered over the gear shift to the passenger door.

As he reared back to cave the rest of the windshield in, Mitch shoved the passenger door open and leapt out. 

She ran. She’d never admitted it to anyone, but her father was why she ran every day. Just in case she ever needed to get away.

She ran harder than she ever had before, hoping to make it down the driveway, out to the road where hopefully someone would stop. 

Instead, she made it three steps from her truck before something crashed into her back, knocking her down.


Teaser Tuesday 5

I'm taking a break from the rough draft I've been teasing you with, so today's teaser will be from the book I'm currently revising. For clarity, "Mitch" is a nickname for Michelle. This is from the beginning of the book.

“Why should I be interested in talking to you?” Pushing her hair out of her face, she though for a second about asking his name. But she didn’t. She didn’t need or desire to be friends with anyone else in this school. Or even this town.

“Because you don’t know me.” He dropped the history book at his feet and cursed as he shuffled things around in his locker.

Mitch bit back a smile. “If I did know you, would I be interested in talking to you?”

“I suppose it’s possible,” he muttered then crouched down to rifle through the papers in the bottom of the locker. 

For some reason, she found him amusing. “But is it likely?”

He grabbed an orange folder and threw it on the floor with the book. Then he stood and used his foot to shove the pile of papers back so he could close the locker. “Sure. Everyone likes me,” he said as he turned toward her.

“I’m sure it’s because you’re so modest. Right?”

“Yeah, it’s either that or I’m so damn good-looking people just want to be near me.” He grinned, and Mitch found herself grinning back.

“Or your organizational skills?”

He smirked at her. “That could be it, but I doubt it.”


Teaser Tuesday 4

Without further ado...

Vaclav looked across the room and fixed his gaze on me. I fought the urge to fidget or look away. Instead I stared at him. 

“Who’s he?” Vaclav asked.

“Just a kid who needs some money. He’s been running errands for me,” Enzo replied.

“Why’s he here?”

“I thought you might have something for him to do.”

Vaclav turned his attention to Enzo. “What kind of job is he suited for?”

“Not sure. He says he’ll do anything for a price.”

“Anything, huh, kid?”

I nodded. “Pretty much.”

“There’s a cop. He needs to die.”

Teaser Tuesday 3

Here you go...

As I stretched out in the bed, I knew that if he survived, he’d be determined to exact revenge. I wouldn’t be able to leave this building unless I was in disguise for the rest of his life. 

I could leave town, but I knew that he would spend the remainder of his life hunting me. 
And his screams would haunt me for the rest of mine.

So by now, you probably noticed that the teasers I've been posting aren't much like what I normally write. Some of my readers won't like this story, or this subject matter. And that's okay. I don't write to please anyone other than myself. :)

You've also noticed that I'm writing this book in first person, as if the main character is actually telling the story. This is also not normal for me. 

I am having fun. And if the fun continues, I may write more stories like this one. :)

Teaser Tuesday 2

And... it's Tuesday! Time for Teaser Tuesday!

His footsteps faded as he walked away. I kept one hand on the pistol and felt the walls with my other hand. The hallway was barely wider than the span of my arms. The walls were covered with some sort of textured paper and I smoothed my hand over it then traced the raised design with my fingertip. Damask pattern. In a secret speak easy?

It seemed out of place, but then again, this entire experience seemed out of place in my life. Just eight months ago, Mother, Grandfather, and I lived a life of opulence in Bohemia. Now, I was alone, scampering down a dark hallway with a stranger in America.

I felt like a rat, hiding from a big, hungry cat—my father, the man who’d killed—or had ordered the death of—Grandfather.

Teaser Tuesday

A new feature of my blog is Teaser Tuesday. Every Tuesday, I'll post a couple lines from that day's writing. I'd love to know what you think of it. Do you want to read more? Tell me what you think might be happening right now. 

It was out of my nature to ask anyone for help, but especially a police officer. And it’s not like I intended to ask him to help me fix a leaky faucet. I was asking him to teach me to shoot a gun. A gun that I was completely willing to use to end my father’s life.