Setting up A Custom Page Size on a Mac

How do I adjust the page size on a mac?

It's always hard to do switch operating systems on computers. Menu items aren't where you'd expect them, and it can be a struggle to do what used to be the simplest thing. 

1) Go to File>Page Setup (I used Pages 5.5.2 for this example, but this is in the same place for nearly all of the apps that I've used).

2) Then choose "Manage Custom Sizes".

3) Enter the paper size and margins you want. This image shows my set up for my 5 x 8" books.

4) Click "OK".


5) Click "OK" again.

The next time you want to set the page to the same size (5 x 8" in my example), all you have to do is go back to "Page Set Up", and select the "5x8" option. Your custom page sizes are available in all the apps.

Let me know if this worked for you, or if you need further help. What do you struggle with on your Mac? I'd love to help.