Faceoff of the Heart

My second published novel is Faceoff of the Heart. I wrote most of the rough draft for this novel during National Novel Writing Month in 2006. It's been interesting revisiting the characters. Several characters in the book were named after fellow NaNoWriMo participants.

In 2012, I found it in a pile of "old writing", and was pleasantly surprised at how good the rough draft was. With several months of editing and revising, it's now available for your reading pleasure.

Back Cover copy

At one time Rhianna Holmstead vowed to never date a hockey player.

Now, she’s torn between Detroit Red Wing star, Lukas Zaba, who she lives with, and New Jersey Devils newcomer, Cameron Walker, who she dated in college, before realizing he played hockey. Both men love her and claim they’ll do anything to have her, yet they both have deal-breaking secrets.

Who will Rhianna end up with? Or will she revert to her college belief that hockey players are nothing but trouble? More than just her happiness rests on this decision.

How do I buy this book?

Faceoff of the Heart is available directly from me (paperback) and Amazon.