Away from Here

I'm not sure when I first started this book. I think it was probably around 1999. I worked on it off and on for a few years, then I crammed it in the "trunk-o-writing-junk" and ignored it, convinced I'd never be able to whip it into shape.

Recently, one of my writing buddies asked me if I was ever going to do anything with it, so I dug it out and read through it. Lo and behold, it wasn't as awful as I remembered it being. It's in the final stages of completion now and will be released July 15, 2015.

Back Cover Copy

Michelle “Mitch” Harshan is biding her time until graduation when she can get the hell out of Chinkapin, Minnesota, and away from her dysfunctional family. In just a few months, she’ll be in Montana, forgetting about her past and living her dream—getting paid to kayak.

Dylan Stewart is friendly, funny, and sexy to boot. As Mitch gets to know him, her attraction grows, but with her past, trusting anyone is impossible. Besides that, he’s dating her best friend’s sister.

But circumstances keep throwing them together. The more time Mitch spends with Dylan, the harder she begins to fall – and the more determined she becomes to leave.

He’s just one more reason to get Away from Here.

How do I get a copy of this book?

Away from Here is available directly from me (paperback) and Amazon.