Alaskan Recovery

Alaskan Recovery is the third Alaskan Healing Novel. While it can be read as a standalone story, you'll probably enjoy the rest of the books in the series. It took me several years to get this story to match what I saw in my imagination.

Alaskan Recovery is a story that I started in 2005, about a young widow dealing with her grief. I was so excited to get started with it, but the story kept going and going and going. I wasn't certain how to make it into a cohesive work that I wanted to share with people. I had a vision of grandeur, but every time I tried to bring that vision to life, I was overwhelmed. 

Finally, with the help of some great conference attendees and awesome editors, Alaskan Recovery is complete.

Back Cover Copy

Cari Anderson's world spirals out of control as she struggles to heal wounds that could break the strongest person. Several losses have left her desperate and vulnerable. The only recourse she can find is at the bottom of a bottle and in the arms of her brother's best friend.

That fateful decision leads to a string of other devastating decisions and soon Cari finds herself fleeing the place she called home, in search of something that can numb her pain.

With so much already on the line, including her relationship with her brother, Cari tries to lick her wounds and move forward, but life doesn't make it easy for her and before she has a chance to recover, a horrible accident leads to accusations and more strain on her personal life than she may be capable of bouncing back from.

Forced to confront her own demons, Cari must muster up the courage and the strength to right so many wrongs in her life, including finding the strength to heal and love again.

How do I buy this book?

Alaskan Recovery is available directly from me (paperback) and Amazon.