Alaskan Healing

Alaskan Healing is my first published book. It was originally released as an ebook, in September 2009. A few months later, we decided to make it available as a printed book. It was a lot of fun to write and I had a lot of help and encouragement from various sources. In August 2012, I decided to move from my publisher (an amicable parting) and become a self-published author. The new version of Alaskan Healing (same story with some typos and grammatical errors corrected) was released October 1, 2012 with a new cover.

Back Cover Copy

Saddled with a man’s name her entire life, Shawn Nilsen has never backed down from a challenge. Brokenhearted and short on cash, Shawn heads to Kodiak, Alaska, looking for a job on a commercial fishing boat. 

Drake Richards, a deck boss, goads her into punching him the first time they meet. But Drake isn’t just a typical chauvinist. He believes having a woman on a boat is bad luck. 

Will Shawn be able change Drake’s mind about women on fishing boats? Will they survive the Bering Sea? And each other?

What are readers saying?

"The book has a wonderful message of overcoming rejection and reconciling with the past."  ~Katie Nelson

"Set aside several sizable blocks of time for reading because this novel is a difficult one to put down." ~Joyce McDonald

"I couldn't put it down. I have friends in line to read it!"  ~JoAnna Myhrer

"The characters drew me in and carried me along. Their unique personalities and situations made me care what happened next."  ~Darcia Helle

"Lana's writing will keep you turning pages. With a twisting and turning plot, characters that readers will connect with, and scenery that makes the book come alive, you'll enjoy every minute of this read." ~Joya Fields

How do I buy this book?

Alaskan Healing is available directly from me (paperback only) or Amazon.