100 Days of Summer - Day 3

It's Day 3 of the 100 Days of Summer Writing Challenge. And also day 3 of my personal "100 days of blogging challenge". I seldom post to my blog, because I don't think I have anything terribly interesting to share. But, oh well. If you don't like what I post for the next 97 days, don't read it. :) Prompt #3: Write about a moment in your past that lives in infamy for you.

  1. Time: 3 pm – wrote for 6 minutes
  2. Mood: relieved – both kids are napping. J
  3. Outcome: 206 words


Either I’ve had a very boring life, or it has been so traumatic I’ve blocked everything from my memory. I’m okay with that.

My dad likes to tell the story about the first time he watched me by himself. My mom had to go into town for something and left me, a newborn, home with my dad.

He swears mom was barely out of the driveway when I pooped. If he’s to be believed, I filled my bassinet with green poop. And he had to figure out how to give me a bath. At this point in the story, Mom always said he did a good job but there was still poo in my ears when she got home.

Dad also likes to point out that I’m probably lucky I was born in February in northern Minnesota. Otherwise, he would have just laid me on the lawn and hosed me off with a garden hose.

Supposedly, I’m the reason my dad doesn’t particularly like kids. I guess bathing a newborn covered in green poop, after working all night, would be a fairly good reason.

See? Really not that exciting. I kinda feel like I’m letting you all down by having such a dull experience to share. I could have made something up that was more entertaining, but I'm not feeling all that creative today. :)

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