Weirdness Abounds

I've been having some issues with my website. I really like the way it looks, but the theme currently in use seems not to work properly with several of the features I really want it to work with, so don't be sad but I'll be changing the look in the near future. Today I was informed by an email subscriber that the email sent out was weird. When she forwarded it back to me, the links didn't work, the template was a different color and the title was a different title for her. This makes me sad, so I've removed that subscriber plug-in and list. If you'd like to subscribe to be notified by email when I post something new, please subscribe using the new form on the page. If you'd subscribed previously, you'll have to resubscribe. *sigh*

Thank you all for your understanding and patience while I iron out these bugs.

Can you picture me squishing insects with a steam iron?

Mobile website

Just in case you don't want to view the regular site on your mobile device, I've added a mobile website. Please, check it out and let me know how it works on your device (and what kind of device you're using). (This would be change number 2.)

Are you in facebook or twitter? Just click on the facebook or twitter logos at the bottom of the page and you'll be taken to my page so you can "like" or "follow". Pretty slick, huh?

Those logos don't appear on the mobile site, so browse over to my Contact page and you'll find some links that will accomplish the same thing.