Percival Snurflington

Percival Snurflington here with the news!

Mumsy loves me enough to give me my own password so I can log in and post, so I thought I'd post a couple pictures of me. The first one is from April of this year. The other one is from today.

I grew into my bed. I know it's hard to believe, but I'm not even a year old yet. I'm still a baby. I'll admit, I like lying next to the heater.

And holy cow. Looking at the pictures, it appears that Mumsy should wash my bed more frequently. She'll say that the lighting in her office isn't that great and that affects how the pictures look. I agree that the lighting sucks. I mean, it looks like I don't have beautiful red hair anymore, and I assure you that I most certainly do!

You be the judge of what a crappy housekeeper she is. Feel free to tell her to do some laundry!