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Glow in the DarkToday, we have a guest post from Keira Kroft, author of Glow in the Dark. Be sure to register to win a copy of her ebook. Without further ado, Heeeere's Keira! :)


Is there anyone who has helped or mentored you in your writing career? If so, who?

When I first read this question I was flustered. At first thought I didn’t have an answer, because I did this all by myself. Kind of funny how we think isn’t it? But on second thought, when I pulled my fluffy head out of the clouds, I realized that I had both. I was mentored by a New York Times Bestselling Romance Author and I had so much help, I wrote a blog entitled “Who do you thank”, that I have attached here. I can’t give too many details about this author, because she doesn’t have the time to mentor. But for some reason we accidentally met in a writers chat room and she was there every step of the way for years. She encouraged me and answered numerous questions ranging from how to write, to how to get published, and how to handle things after getting published. She was wonderful and I one day hope to be that person for someone else.

I have taken the liberty of posting the blog I wrote in dedication to the many people that helped me, below.

I would like to talk about the fact that writing is not a one person career.

Who do you have to thank? As a writer, now that your career has taken off, or when it does—who do you have to thank? I mean sincerely, not just people you promised whose egos you would puff up by placing their name and some kind words inside your novel. I mean the real people that actually sacrifice themselves for your career.

My husband is number one. He always supports me and lets me take the time I need to write. He’s also not afraid to tell me if I come up with an idea that he deems, stupid. LOL He gives me the freedom to take his advice or not. Most of the time, his outside perspective is right. But, don’t tell him that, shhhhh.

My daughter. Yes our kids sacrifice themselves in their own way as well. In my daughters case it’s giving up time IM’ing her boyfriend. Believe me that’s a sacrifice for her!

My proofreader Jeanette, She had to read the first piece of crap I had ever written, God love her. She was wonderful, very objective and not afraid to tell me like it was.

Books and internet, made it easy for me to look up info and get the answers I needed to become successful.

Decadent publishing, for taking a chance on a newbie. Everybody has to start somewhere, and without people that are willing to do that, we don’t stand a chance.

Last, but not least my friends that simply just believed I could do it! Their trust and faith in me, made a believer out of my toughest critic— myself.

Both of my businesses are supportive environments to my writing career. Especially the authors at Hellfire Publishing, they understand that on top of everything I do, that I have a career as well, and they make allowance for that. I am truly blessed.

So tell me, who do you have to thank, really?

Most of all I would like thank the reader’s. Out of the millions of books available nowadays you chose mine, and that means everything to me. Thank you.

Writing is a career choice and a very tough business. Don’t be afraid to accept help. Writing is hard work, however it’s the friendliest business :-D

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