More Skin Issues

My Andre is miserable again. We've tried controlling his itching with baths, antihistamines, and even used steroids for him last summer. This year, he's in the worst shape I can ever remember (skin-wise). We've changed foods, hoping it would be a simple fix, but it hasn't lasted. 

Currently, he's eating Natural Balance Kangaroo and Potato LID food. But he's still itchy. He's so itchy, we put him back on the steroids (Prednisone). He also has a staph infection. We skipped the oral antibiotics and went straight to injections (Excenel) this time.

Before we started him on the steroids last Monday, I took him to the vet so they could draw blood for allergy testing. We had him tested when he was two years old, and nothing showed up. This morning, I've just spoken to our vet who received the results. 

This time, it shows he has allergies. The one that our vet has never seen before is yeast. Andre, the king of yeast infections, is allergic to yeast (amongst other things). 

The good news is that the test was relatively inexpensive, and we're starting desensitization (allergy shots) as soon as they're ready. With luck, in time, we'll be able to give Andre a shot every month and not have to deal with baths every other day, skin infections, antihistamines, and all the other stuff that makes Andre's life not so much fun.

Here are some pictures of Mr. McSnorty-Britches after a week of antibiotics and prednisone. He's looking much better, but you can still see where his hair is thin and missing on his legs. The bumps/pimple looking spots were scabs because he'd scratch and scratch and scratch. (Click to scroll through.)