Short Story Saturday... Continued

I know it's not Saturday, but I was super busy this past weekend getting my latest book out to my beta readers. This is a continuation of the Story Prompt Saturday I did on April 11. If you missed that post, you can find it here.

When Mary stepped around the tree, it wasn't her parents house that stood beneath the light. Instead of the cute little Cape Cod in the woods, a massive brick structure stood before her. "What the hell?" she muttered to herself. It looked like a prison, but there weren't any prisons around here that she knew of. Surely her parents, history buffs, would have mentioned if they were living next to an old prison.

As she stood there debating what to do, the light flickered and drew her gaze toward the left end of the wall facing her. She watched as a person exited and took two steps toward her.

Mary backed up a couple steps, hoping the person couldn't see her. But then she realized where she stood was dark. There was no way anyone could see her, especially since they were standing under the bright light.

"If there's a building, there must be a road. I'll just stay on the edge of the clearing yard and make my way out to the road. I've had enough of walking in the woods," she whispered to herself as she moved to the right, keeping her eyes on the person near the door.

She glanced away from the person long enough to check her footing. Tripping over a branch wouldn't be very stealthy. When she looked back at the door, the person was gone. "Good. I can move a little faster now," she thought.

She focused in front of her, fighting to see through the inky dark. There weren't any stars above the building. The moon was hiding. There was nothing to help her navigate other than the building. "What the hell is that anyway?" 

Mary's pace slowed as she reached the edge of the yard. She'd have to turn now to round the corner of the building, and the tree line she followed was much closer to the brick wall now. Instead of twenty yards from the building, now she was only twenty feet from the wall. 

She glanced behind her again, checking for the person.


She shifted to the right a few feet, trying to see around the corner. There was nothing remarkable. 

A stone wall ran parallel to this wall of the building. She guessed it was ten feet high and about twenty feet from the wall of the building. 

She considered going back the other way, but that’s where the person had been. “Stop being such a freakin’ baby,” she muttered and forced her feet to carry her forward. “There’s nothing here except an old building. The person was nothing more than a caretaker, and if you weren’t such a scaredy-cat, you would have called out. I’m sure once you explained yourself, they would have happily called your parents. Dad would have come to pick you up and you’d be sitting on their couch by now.”

She kept walking, her left hand trailing on the stone wall. It felt like she’d been walking for hours and she wondered if she was leaving a trail of blood from her fingertips. “Jesus Christ, Mary. You never should have started writing horror stories. You can’t even walk outside anymore without imagining all kinds of morbid shit.”

Disclaimer: This is essentially a rough draft. I'm writing this story as it comes to me. It hasn't been revised or edited. Please excuse my typos and grammatical errors.