100 Days of Summer - Day 6

It's Day 6 of the 100 Days of Summer writing challenge. Here's the prompt.Prompt 6: Do you remember the choose your own adventure series?  You read to a certain point and then you’re prompted to pick what happens next.  This writing prompt is sort of like that.  Below is a list of three categories, each with 3 choices.  Choose one phrase from each category to create the first sentence in your story.  Now here’s the fun part.  See where that odd line takes you and let your quirky self run wild on the page.

Category 1

On an ordinary day

On a dark and stormy night

On steamy afternoon in Grand Central Station

Category 2

two wild-eye parakeets

a slimmy slug and a caterpillar

curious twins

Category 3

jumped into a fireplace.

found a pickle jar of quarters.

uncovered a box of treasure.


Time: 6:53 (8 minutes)

Mood: Blah (this seems to be a common mood for me.)

Outcome: 301 words

On a steamy afternoon in Grand Central Station, two wild-eyed parakeets found a pickle jar of quarters. The larger of the two parakeets wanted to take the money. She was convinced they needed it. They could remodel their nest, buy the latest fashions, and get some new sunglasses to protect their wild eyes.

The smaller parakeet was substantially less materialistic and more sensible. She did not want the money or the hassle that went with it. They’d have to figure out how to transport the quarters, invest the quarters, protect the quarters from crows (because everyone knows how shifty crows are and that they love shiny things). “Besides, what’s the point of remodeling our nest? It’ll still be poky and scratchy. There’s not much you can do with a pile of sticks to make it more homey. You can’t hang curtains.”

“We could hang curtains with the money.”

“Why? You’d forget they were there and poop on them anyway.”

At that point the larger parakeet was tired of the smaller parakeet and even more tired of trying to compromise with her lifelong friend and roommate. “Whatever,” she squawked. “Let’s go flying.”

The smaller parakeet grinned and twittered as she followed the larger bird, convinced she’d won. She was so busy gloating about getting her way, she didn’t even notice the large train that she flew into.

“See how nice curtains would be?” the bigger parakeet laughed. “Then you would have seen that window.” She fluttered about for a few seconds to see if her friend was going to move. When there wasn’t any sign of life, she chuckled. “Stupid bitch,” she tweeted and went back to get her jar of quarters.

Moral of the story: It’s better to compromise over curtains then to fly headlong into a train and kill yourself. ;)

All right. After writing that, I guess I'd have to say my mood seems to be "irritable". Thanks for the prompt. I'm sure that's not what anyone expected to read on my blog, but it was fun to write.

My thoughts after completing this prompt: I need to quit worrying so much about what I'm writing and just write for the fun of it. Perhaps my lack of interest in writing is due to worrying so much about whether I'm doing everything "right" and if my audience will like what I write. Onward ho!


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