100 Days of Summer - Day 2

Today was day 2 of the 100 Days of Summer writing challenge. Even though yesterday proved quite productive after I completed the prompt (I finished a couple scenes and was eager to keep writing), today I didn't want to write. I didn't like the prompt. How dare Shannon make me write something when I wasn't in the mood to write. Hah! I guess that's the point of a challenge, huh? So after several hours of procrastinating, I said, "Come on. You don't have to use it anywhere. You don't have to like it. And you don't have to share it. Just sit your butt down and write for five minutes, otherwise you're going to fail this challenge on DAY 2! How pathetic is that?"

Apparently, my little "pep talk" worked. While the kids finished eating their corn dogs and cauliflower for supper, I sat down to write for five minutes. The five minutes turned into 23 minutes before I was at a loss as to what to write next. So here ya go.

Prompt #2:     Think about a character (not the protagonist) central to the plot of your story.  Write a scene from his/her perspective.  How does the scene change?  How does the tone change?  Does this perspective shift allow you to explore the conflict from a surprising or more powerful perspective.


Here is the beginning of the scene I worked on. Of course, I want to state it's a very rough draft and may not even appear. However, it is from the novel I've been working on for several months. I don't even have a working title for it.

Tom walked up to the rock where Kylie was sitting. Other than being ten years older, it was likethe first day he’d spotted her there. It was awkward being around her. Part of him wished for what they’d once had, part of him wanted her to be miserable due to the pain she’d caused him, and part of him just wanted to ignore her. Yet, she was engaged to his older brother.

His opinion on that varied from “lucky bastard” to “stupid son of a bitch”.

The scene doesn't really change, since I hadn't written it yet, but if I wrote it from Kylie's perspective it'd be hard to show exactly what Tom was feeling. I think this way I can show Tom's personality which tends to be non-confrontational and "live and let live." He's upset about what he learns, but he really doesn't see much point in tearing into Kylie because it's in the past. Bitching her out (to be blunt) won't change anything.

I think when I revise and expand the scene, I can show how infuriating Kylie finds his attitude. She's thankful that he doesn't scream and yell, but also upset that he's clearly hiding how he really feels. I may even be able to show that Kylie tends to be a "hot head" instead of calm and collected when she's upset.


I spent 23 minutes writing and added 894 words to my rough draft.

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