Not sharing!

The woman in charge is not sharing the computer. She thinks it's funny to place herself on the opposite side of a door to "work". So while she was peeing in the house (Isn't that disgusting?) I let myself into her office. I mean, clearly, someone has to update this blogue. Apparently it's going to be me. Again. Humans are such lazy slackers. Clearly my fans want regular updates about me. They're probably not as interested in the younger, stupid dogue.

I didn't really have anything important to say, but I found this picture she took of me. Apparently, she thinks it's funny when I sit outside of her office door and beg to be near her. Yes, that's probably some of my slime on the window between us. However, there are also many fingerprints and noseprints from the human children.

Don't you think it's rude that she locks me out of the room. And then takes pictures of me? She's lucky I love her. I hope it's bedtime soon.

Until next time, I'll be on the couch, ignoring her while she "works."