Crusty Nose Dogue (Hyperkeratosis)

Andre has a crusty nose, also known as hyperkeratosis. I think it's pretty common in the Dogue de Bordeaux breed because I see it on lots of dogue pictures. It's also common in other breeds. While it doesn't seem to bother the dogs, if it progresses, bacterial infection can occur. Our previous dogue, Dozer, had crusty nose and his vet told us it was called hyperkeratosis. It's supposedly harmless, but when Dozer had his TPLO surgeries and was on antibiotics for a while, his nose got better. It didn't clear up completely, but it did improve.

I notice Andre's nose is improving since he's been on antibiotics for his skin infection. He also had some anti-fungal medicine to take for a bit, so I can't confirm the improvement to his nose was due completely to the antibiotics. Maybe the anti-fungal medicine helped, too. After discussing it with our current vet, we've decided that it's simply another case of hyperkeratosis.

So, I ordered some Blissful Dog Nose Butter for him.

I ordered the butters Friday evening, and received it 3 days later. It shipped from Northern Minnesota, so I assume I got lucky on the quick arrival, since I'm just barely over the border in Wisconsin. Of course, the label is crazy cute!

I ordered the 4 ounce size, thinking that I wanted to have enough on hand to make sure I gave it a good try. (I was a bit skeptical. I tried Snout Soother in the past and Andre didn't like. Plus it wasn't very effective.)

Within a couple days of putting it on his nose, two - three times a day (depending how often I remembered), I saw a difference. In less than a week it was a normal nose. Well, as normal as a dogue nose can be. ;)

He doesn't mind me smearing a gob on his nose. It melts quickly and I don't notice him licking it off before it works. The first few times I did it right before feeding him so he'd be too busy stuffing his face to notice something on his nose. But now, I can apply it while he's sleeping on the couch. He opens his eyes to watch me, and then goes back to sleep.

The first picture is from September 27, the last picture before he started his antibiotics for his latest skin infection. His antibiotics and antifungal medications helped clear it up a lot, but I think it still must be uncomfortable for him.



This picture is from a few days later (about a week after we started using the butter). Pretty nice, huh?

My verdict? Try it! I actually have a small tin of the nose butter to give away. The small tin is about ten times as much as I've used on Andre's nose. If you'd like the nose butter, just leave a comment on this blog post about your crusty nose pup by Christmas and I'll let the boys select a winner the day after Christmas.

I just added another, larger picture from today. It's a bit easier to see his nose.