Andre's shooting up

Andre got his first antibiotic injection from me. Actually he got it multiple times because he yelped and wriggled away a couple times. He was snoozing on the couch and I went over, picked up the loose skin on the back of his neck and stuck the needle in. I got about .5 mL injected before he jerked away from me. Upset that I'd woken him from his slumber, he gave me a dirty look, but followed me to the kitchen, where I prepared a plate of yogurt for him to slurp up while I gave him the shot.

The second time, I tried to inject it he yelped before I even stuck the needle into his skin. Drama queen, by chance?

The third time was a charm. I cornered him, got him to sit still and did it right between his shoulder blades. Of course, he needed a back massage before he'd relax enough for me to pull the skin up. He held still while I injected the remainder of the dose.

I offered him the yogurt and he refused. Apparently, he felt he deserved steak and lobster at that point for a reward. Percy was thrilled with the strawberry yogurt (if you were worried it might go to waste).

He's feeling better. This morning he chased a squirrel around the yard, and snuck into the kids' bedroom to steal a toy from the bottom bunk. Yeah, that's normally Percy's job.

He then bodyslammed Percy off the couch onto the floor, which instigated DDBWWF. I'm not sure who won, but it wasn't our living room. The couches were both moved and several of the kids' toys were trampled in the process. I'm just happy the kids weren't trampled during the wrestling match.

So, what tips do you have for me to give Andre his shots? Is there a special spot that hurts him less? They told me the loose skin on his back. Maybe he's a sissy, but he didn't seem to like it. Do I inject it fast or slow (once the needle is in)?

Andre appreciates any of your suggestions. He also appreciates donations of steak and lobster to make him feel better.