Drugging the Dre

So, Andre McSnorty-Britches has another skin infection. He's three years old and this is the third time he's needed antibiotics. All three times he's needed antibiotics, it's been for his skin. As sad as I am for his suffering, he's such a treat to be around and so very loving.

Except for when he needs to take Cephalexin. Then he turns into a devil dogue.

Andre takes Pepcid AC every night at bedtime because he has a sensitive tummy and vomits bile sometimes. These are simple to give him. I hide one in a tiny bit of the cat's canned food and he gulps them right down, afraid Percy might eat it first. Benadryl is also given in the same manner.

For the past two years, during his 2-3 week course of Cephalexin, we've tried all the normal tricks for pilling dogs.

Pill pockets? Nope, he won't eat them. Even without drugs in them, he's not interested in the fake meat treats.

Peanut butter? Not happening. He spits it all out, licks the peanut butter off and gives me the stink-eye.

Bread and butter was my secret weapon. He loves bread and butter, but apparently big dork dogue bit into one of his awful pills and realized what I was up to. He won't even take it from me now.

Cheese? Andre laughs at the idea of cheese hiding pills. HA HA HA <-- Andre typed that for you.

And recently, we've tried the not-so-popular method of prying his mouth open, shoving my hand down his throat and releasing the pill. Now I know why he hates them. He managed to spit one back out. Into. My. Mouth.

After cleaning up my vomit, I tried again. I will not be bested by a dog. Not even a dogue. I had two pills in my hand, and a pile of yummy treats lined up on the counter. Pried his jaws open, poked a pill down his throat. It appeared to stay.

Poked pill number two into his mouth, held his mouth shut while I grabbed the treats and started feeding him the yummies.

He ate about 5 treats and I sighed in relief. Done for another twelve hours.

I turned to the kitchen sink, washed my hands and turned back to pat my big guy on the head and tell him how awesome he is when I hear...

"Aaack.Bluuurgh. Aaack."

I cringed and covered my face with my hands. When I peeked through my fingers, I saw, sitting on the counter, two slimy, green antibiotic pills.

Now you tell me, how in the world did Andre manage to hork up two pills and keep down all of his treats? WTF?

Have you seen the tongue of a Dogue de Bordeaux? (That's just the very tip of his tongue that you see in the pictures. I swear it's as thick as my wrist.) It's not small, but apparently it is agile.

So, I called the vet. After a thorough discussion of methods for giving Andre his meds, she said, "I'll load up some syringes for you with cow antibiotics. Just give him a shot each day for the next four days."

I'll let you know how he does tomorrow with shooting up.

Do you have any stories about giving your dogs medicine or tips?

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