Getting to know the Dogue de Bordeaux

People often joke about Dogues de Bordeaux being the size of a horse, however, if you ask a dogue, he will tell you he is a lap dog. He will try to prove his point by sneaking into your lap, as if you are not going to notice a dog that weighs over a hundred pounds is sitting on top of you. Their intimidating size and gigantic head will generally give a person pause, but once you’re invited into their home and they know you are welcome, most young dogues become giant teddy bears and try to sneak into your lap for a few kisses. As they mature, they become less gregarious toward strangers and start to be more reserved. An adult dogue enjoys petting and attention from most everyone they meet, but their family is the ones who get to experience their true love of snuggling. A dogue has the ability to stretch out and cover an entire king-sized bed.

The serious expression of a Dogue de Bordeaux belies the tender and tolerant nature of the dogue, especially around children. A dogue will lie on the floor and allow babies to play with their feet, ears and lips without batting an eye. Oftentimes, they won’t even open an eye when a child crawls over them.

There is something extraordinarily heartwarming about a 130-pound dogue following his little (human) boy around the yard on a leash. If you think that is remarkable, watch two dogues with a combined weight of 240 pounds follow a twenty-pound toddler around the house as she holds onto their collars for balance.

Dogues de Bordeaux have a love for their family that is even larger than their awe-inspiring heads. If you haven’t met a dogue, you’re overlooking one of the greatest family dogs of all time