Do the hokey-pokey

Our first dogue, Dozer, didn't act much like our current boys, but we loved him to bits. One of our favorite things about him was he loved to snuggle. As a puppy, he slept in bed with myself and my husband in the middle at the head of the bed. Yes, our 120 pound dog curled up between us, on the pillows in a queen size bed. He'd press his face up against our heads and snore directly in our ears. We referred to him as our Snuggle-up-against.

Whenever Dozer got up during the night, he'd turn around, and lay back down facing the opposite direction. I suspect he just wanted to make sure he snuggled with both of us equally. At some point, when Dozie was turning, we started asking him, "Are you doing the hokey-pokey?"

After a while, whenever we said, "Do the hokey-pokey, Pozie," he would stand up, turn around in a circle and lay back down. We'd say it in the middle of the night if he was hogging too much of a pillow, and he'd move over just enough. If we went for a walk and he got his leash wrapped around something, we'd say, "Hokey-pokey," and he'd turn around and walk back the other way, unwrapping his leash.

He was such a smart boy, and very sweet. He was substantially more lazy than Andre or Percy. We named him Dozer because he was always sleeping.

Have you put any fun cues to your dog's motions?

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