Can it be November 15th already please?

Ugh. I'm ready for the next two weeks to be over. Politics are driving me nuts. I tend not to discuss politics. I think it's a personal matter and everyone is entitled to (and should) vote for whichever candidate best matches their beliefs. Discussing it is likely to tear apart friendships.

My husband and I have different beliefs about politics. Well, actually, I think we have the same hopes, we just believe it'll be achieved in different ways. Like, I think aliens will come down from some yet-undiscovered planet and save us. He thinks there's a politician somewhere in this realm that will do as they say. HAH!

Another reason I want it to be the middle of November is hopefully there will be some hockey by then. Come on already NHL! Get your shit together.

Thirdly, if it was the middle of November, I'd be closer to finishing the revisions on Faceoff of the Heart and can focus on other things.

What about you? Are you ready for some hockey? Or for the elections to be over (if you're in the US)? Getting bored with a project you're working on and eager to start something else?