Mar 26

I did it. Sorta. I wrote a steamy love scene.

I did it. Sorta. I wrote a steamy love scene. There really isn’t a “sorta” to it. I wrote it. It’ll need revision, I’m sure. But the point is, it’s written. 1x1.trans I did it. Sorta. I wrote a steamy love scene.

If you read my blog, chances are you’ve read some of my work. If not, here’s a quick background. I write romance novels. They’re not overly explicit or filled with sex. Not because I think there’s anything wrong with sex in books. But because I’m embarrassed to write it. I don’t think I know how. And there’s the constant thought, “My dad and/or my grandma might read this.”

Holy shit, what could cause you to avoid writing explicit sex scenes more than the thought that your grandmother might read it?

But, I’ve overcome it. I don’t care. Grandma, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry but I have had sex. Surprise. You probably gathered that since I have three kids. Still, it’s hard for me to write. 1x1.trans I did it. Sorta. I wrote a steamy love scene.

It took three beers tonight, but I wrote it. I wrote a steamy love scene. I’m not going to read it in the morning. I’m going to move on to the rest of the edits needed in this book. Right now, I’m just ecstatic that I managed to write it. I can revise it later if I need to. I’m sure I need to. No one writes perfectly the first round. Everything needs to be revised.

Now, please, if you’re one of my readers, don’t freak out. It’s not a gratuitous sex scene that I wrote just to prove I could. It was necessary. It advanced the plot. You’ll learn more about my characters. Besides, I bet you’ve had sex before. I bet you remember how it felt the first time you shed your clothes with someone you loved, even if you hadn’t admitted yet (to them or yourself) that you loved them.

But the point is, I just overcame one of my fears and wrote a scene I really dreaded writing. I’m so freaking proud of myself right now, I want to scream. And if my kids weren’t sleeping, I just might do that.

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Mar 25

Keep on keeping on.

I’ve been trying to figure out what readers really want to see on my blog. I doubt most of you really care about my struggles to deal with software or computer issues. I suspect only a handful of you care about my writing process, and I KNOW there are lots of blogs out there with more helpful advice for writers than this one.

So really, what is it that you guys visit my blog for? I’d love to know so I can provide something interesting for you to read. I need some direction. Tell me what you’d like to see.

Since I’m here, I’ll share a bit of what’s new in my life.

Professional: I’m a full time writer now. Well, as full time as a person can be with 3 small children, 2 dogs, 3 cats, a husband, and too many hobbies.

Health: I’ve lost about 15 pounds in the past 6 months and have never felt better. If you’d like more details, let me know!

Family: We had our third child (our second daughter) in August 2013. She’s currently teething and cranky. Our eldest child (our son) is going to start 4K in September.

Pets: We’re holding steady at two dogs (Dogues de Bordeaux) and three cats (all rescues).

Writing: I’m currently working on edits for Letting GoAlaskan Hope, and an unnamed novel. I also have several ideas I’m mulling over.

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Oct 26

An update on some projects…

Alaskan Hope has been sent off to the editor. I’m sure she’ll have a ton of suggestions for me, but at least I’m moving forward with it.

Letting Go finally resembles a cohesive novel. I had a lot of trouble getting it to work the way I wanted it to, but I think I’m there with it. Again, much work needed, but the hardest part is done. My editor intends to start working on that the first week of January.

Now, I’m trying to decide where to go next. I have signed up for NaNoWriMo. I have a very rough idea to work with. But I’m excited about it.

That leaves me roughly a week to find something else to do with my time. I’m not sure what that’s going to be. There’s plenty of chores I’ve neglected which I could do, but… I think I’ll look over my list of writing projects and see if any of them speak to me. I’m sure I have something in the trunk-o-writing-junk that can be salvaged.

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Aug 03

A general update on… things

I see it’s been nearly a month since I posted anything. Well, you probably didn’t know, but I’ve been hiding out in the mountains of northern Idaho, near a historic silver mining town, gathering berries and story ideas, while avoiding the people who wish me dead.

No, seriously, I’m still where I always am, doing what I always do. I’ve just being some prioritizing. In case you didn’t know, I’m currently awaiting the arrival of my third child, who is due to arrive almost any day. My belly makes it hard to use the laptop (my lap seems to be missing). And it’s uncomfortable to sit for any length of time at my desk to use the external keyboard.

I also have returned to work after six months of being laid off due to lack of work. While it’s the same position I held before, with the same company, some things have changed in the six months, which leaves me struggling to do some things that used to be simple. It’s good to learn new things though.

Other than that, there’s not much worth discussing from my personal life.

If you’re curious about the progress of my writing (and really, why else would you read my blog), I have been plugging away at my revisions on Alaskan Hope. I have also shared it with a couple of friends who are telling me all that’s wrong with it. They think they’re hurting my feelings, but I LOVE all the information and feed back they’ve given me so far. (Thanks Jennifer and Shelia! You ladies ROCK!)

And now, this is where I admit the truth. I’m so far behind my self-imposed deadlines, I don’t have any idea when it’ll be available. Right now, I’m forcing myself to focus on making it as wonderful as possible instead of being done as quickly as possible.

Please be patient. I honestly believe it will be worth the wait and will be much better than my previous books.

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Jul 04

Project update and a dilemma

One of my writing buddies recently posted a list of her writing projects, which inspired me to post my own project update. Some of my projects are current, some are not. However, here’s a list and a short description of each project. There’s not much rhyme or reason to the list, nor is there any guarantee that I’ll finish any of them to the point of sharing.

Currently in the revision stage, I have Alaskan Hope and Letting Go.

Alaskan Hope takes place in Alaska, (surprised?) and has characters who appeared in Alaskan Healing.

Letting Go is the working title of the two rough drafts I combined into one novel. It’s a story about a woman who has to let go of her past, which seems to keep coming back, in order to move forward with her life. It’s a contemporary novel, no mention of Alaska or hockey (like Faceoff of the Heart).

Mercy is outlined, but I haven’t had much interest in working on it lately. It will probably be classified as paranormal, since several of the characters are witches.

And there’s the new idea that I recently mentioned. I’ve spent a few hours writing, but still don’t have a real idea of how it’s going to end. Or even what happens in the story. I’m pretty sure it would be considered historical fiction.

So what are your thoughts on my projects? They seem to be all over the place instead of in one solid category. Some best-selling authors suggest sticking to one genre otherwise there’s the risk of upsetting the readers. Would you be upset if you picked up a book and found out it was about witches instead of Alaska? Would you think I duped you into buying a historical novel set in the 1930s instead of a contemporary novel? Should I break out a pen name for my ‘non-contemporary’ ideas?





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Jun 26

Ah-ha! A new idea…

As you know, I just finished a rough draft of a novel that I’ve been struggling with for nearly a year. Tonight, as I’m planning my revisions, a new idea popped into my head. I’m not willing to share many details, because I suspect I’ll lose interest once I start sharing my idea.

However, this idea is based on a tiny tidbit of information I learned about one of my relatives when I was doing some genealogical research. Which means, it’d be set in the past, not my normal comfort zone, but I’m eager to get started.

My plans for this story consist of: no plans, no outline, just writing as it comes to me. That is, when I have time to get started.

Now, if someone can just explain to me why I get all my ideas when I already have a huge pile of projects underway and a time crunch.


So tell me, is this an opening that would intrigue you?

“What do you mean, he hung himself? That’s ridiculous. He wouldn’t hang himself.”

“That’s what the police claim.”

“That’s BS.” I was so upset at the thought of people believing he’d killed himself that I didn’t even really comprehend that my grandfather was dead. He was my only relative in this country. He’d come over from Bohemia with my mother and I, to ensure we weren’t taken advantage of while we got on our feet in the United States. Mother had died a few months ago in an accident at the market.

Grandpa would never leave me on purpose. Not when I was just getting over the loss of my mother.

“He was found hanging from the tree in back of the apartment.”

“That’s ludicrous.” I yawned, exhausted. I’d been to help a friend of my mother’s for a couple days. She’d been burned at the laundry where she worked. Burns on her hands had made it impossible to care for her children. It was now early morning, the roosters were barely crowing, and I was walking home with the boy who lived next to my grandfather and I.

“But why would he kill himself?” I asked again.

“I don’t know. The policeman told me to fetch you.”

“Well, what if I don’t feel like being fetched?”

“Look, Lucy. Whether or not you want to be fetched, I don’t need the police looking at me too closely. So you’re being fetched. Maybe they can explain all this to you.”

“Maybe they can, but I doubt it.” I, like most other immigrants, had a deep-rooted suspicion and fear of the police. In our home country, they were corrupt and easily bought for a few coins. Here, we suspected it was the same.

I grabbed Joseph’s arm and stopped walking. “Wait. What do you mean, you don’t want them to look at you? What have you done?”

Any interest at all?

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Jun 24

Alaskan Hope Status Update

1x1.trans Alaskan Hope Status UpdateI have been dying to say this. And while there’s still a lot of work to be done, the draft of Alaskan Hope is completed. 1x1.trans Alaskan Hope Status Update

Not only is the first draft of Alaskan Hope done, it’s done a full week ahead of the deadline I set for myself. Thank you all for your patience with me.

Now, I have to figure out where this fits into my schedule, because I know some of you are anxious to read it. Don’t get too excited yet, because there are probably several revisions to make before it even gets to see my beta readers (Want to volunteer? Email me at

Once I have responses from my beta readers, I’ll need to make changes, send it off to my editor, fix all those mistakes that I missed, and then start the fun of formatting and proofing for those errors.

However, completing the rough draft is a HUGE step toward making Alaskan Hope available to the public.


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Jun 12


I just completed the rough draft of what I’ve been working on. The story with no title. The combination of two old rough drafts.

Longest draft I’ve written, I believe. YAY ME!

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Jun 11

Random Thoughts About Writing

Today, I’m just going to post some random thoughts about writing I’ve had lately. I’ve been pushing myself to finish this rough draft and it’s a struggle. However, the 100 Day Challenge has been helping force me to write daily. Even if I don’t do the prompt posted, I’ve been writing. And of course the BIW Challenge was a huge help this month. I only have a few more chapters to finish writing then I can announce that the rough draft is done.

Random Thought #1: I see many similarities to my writing attitude and my 3.5 year old son’s attitude.

Some examples:

  • He likes to yell for help, even though he doesn’t need it. He just needs to do whatever it is. This is comparable to me spending hours online looking for the best way to do something. I don’t have to do it the best way, I just have to do it.
  • He continually tells me, “It’s hard,” and pretends to cry when he’s trying to build a “fort” in the living room. My response is usually, “Of course it’s hard, but you’re doing great. Just keep trying.” Why can’t I remember this when I want to whine and pout about how hard it is to string together 80 thousand words in a manner that makes sense?
  • He’s indecisive about what he wants to eat. He requests one thing, I make it, and he declares, “I don’t like it.” That’s just like me being excited about something I’m working on, but quickly changing my mind and wanting to work on something else, in the hope that the other project will be easier.

Random Thought #2: I should be more like my 22 month old daughter.


  • She’s perfectly content to admit “I’m stuck” and she just keeps trying different things until she’s unstuck.
  • Her big brother knocks her down when they’re playing and she just bounces back up and goes back to her thing.
  • She goes with the flow when it interests her, otherwise, she’s happy to do her own thing, even if it’s not the way something is supposed to be done.

Random Thought #3: I should appreciate every second I have to enjoy my kids at this age and not worry so much about deadlines that I inflict upon myself. There will always be another story idea, another hour to write, another weekend where the kids are visiting Grandma and I can focus completely. My babies will only be this age for a little while.

Random Thought #4: I should quit blogging and get back to writing. 1x1.trans Random Thoughts About Writing

What random thoughts do you have about writing? Does your writing behavior ever remind you a toddler’s behavior?

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Jun 07

100 Days of Summer – Days 11 & 12

It’s Day 12 of the 100 Days of Summer writing challenge. I slacked off yesterday and didn’t do it, but attempted to do both prompts today.

Here are the prompts.

Prompt #11: Write a character sketch that incorporates a pun or play on words, a quirky trait or a ridiculous costume.

Prompt #12: Write a character sketch about someone unique (preferably a complete stranger).

I’ve tried character sketches in the past and never had much luck with them. They don’t inspire me. They don’t reveal things to me. I just randomly assign traits normally and then forget about it when I’m writing the story. However, I did try to do prompt 11.

It didn’t work in the way I assume it does for other writers, but it did get me thinking.

My thoughts: *sigh* I don’t know how to describe a character before I get to know them through the story. To me, if I had to create a complete character (description, personality, history, background, goals, etc.) before I started writing the story, I’d never write anything. Maybe my characters would be more developed and realistic if I could do this before I started writing, but it just doesn’t happen for me.

I do try to flesh out my characters more in the revisions, once I know what the story is about and I’ve learned how they react in certain situations. If they act in a way that seems abnormal, I make sure there’s some backstory included to explain why it’s actually a realistic response for them.

I think I have to accept what works for me instead of changing the way I write. I’ve been struggling for a while with following an outline, because I feel like the story is done and there’s no point in writing it anymore. I know what happens and it bores me.

An outline may make it easier to revise and make sure everything ‘gels’ together as needed, but it’s not really my style.

Character sketches seem the same to me. They might make things easier for some authors, but for me, it removes the mystery and the fun of getting to know my characters throughout the story.

And if a story isn’t fun for me to write, why should I believe it would be fun for anyone else to read?


If you’d like to participate in the 100 Days of Summer challenge, stop over at Shannon’s blog and sign up to have the prompts sent to your email. Be sure to enter to win the prizes for participating as well! 1x1.trans 100 Days of Summer   Days 11 & 12

Be sure to check out some of the other participants who’ve posted their work.

I’m sure they’d appreciate it if you helped cheer them on throughout the challenge!

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